History of PD Ceramics Ltd

PD Ceramics Ltd have been setting the standard of innovation in the Irish dental sector since 1986, when it was founded by Paul Dowling, Managing Director, after graduating from the Eastman Dental Hospital in London. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, father and uncle, who were dentists in the sector, Paul brings nearly 40 years of experience to the team at PD Ceramics Ltd, whilst still striving for future development of both the team and the production techniques used on-site.

As a local employer, contributing to our local community, we are also focused and committed to supporting sustainable jobs in the dental sector.


Inspiration Passed Through The Years

My grandfather Dr. Tom Dowling was a dentist from 1920 to 1968 and coming from a small local community in Loughrea, he took great pride in providing dentistry to his local community. It was no surprise that this inspired his sons to follow him into dentistry and continue to support Irish dentistry as it evolved.

Grandfather Dr. Tom Dowling & Grandmother Evelyn Dowling with Paul as a baby (Summer 1963)


Like Father Like Son

My father Dr. Norman Dowling and his brother Dr. Ossie Dowling followed in his footsteps and qualified as dentists in 1959 and 1969 respectively. When my father married my mother, they spent some years in the UK, but a longing for home saw them return to Loughrea after my birth. Being on home ground with family, soon led to the Dowling dentistry legacy strengthening.

Parents Dr. Norman Dowling & Geraldine Dowling (1961)


The Next Generation Continues

Both brothers supported each other and took pride in creating aesthetic restorations for their patients and had their own small dental laboratory where they did a lot of their own denture set ups and trained a dental technician to work with them also. From an early age I was always messing around with wax and plaster and was lucky to have the knowledge from my dad to understand the craftsmanship of being a dentist with the support of a dental technician in his business. I had great respect and understanding of seeing him provide employment locally as a business owner and I am so proud to continue that tradition all these years later as a dental laboratory owner myself. Without his support, PD Ceramics Ltd wouldn’t be here today.

The love of the cars is a family tradition also!

Norman Dowling & Uncle Dr. Ossie Dowling (1973)


3rd Generation Dowling in Dentistry

As a trainee dental technician student home from London on holidays, I was blessed to have my dad’s help with subjects like occlusion and tooth morphology – shape and form. I had no interest in being a dentist as my strength lay in being creative and dad supported me in so many ways to use my talent and skills to build what is now PD Ceramics Ltd today after I qualified. I remember making my first crown in 1983 and one of my first solo cases was for a famous person from Northern Ireland and I was so proud of that. I was always passionate about advancing my knowledge and completed the Advanced Dental Technology course in 1984/1985 turned the company into a viable business. Sadly, my father and his best friend passed away tragically in March 1986 shortly after I opened the laboratory and he never got to see how much he influenced and supported the continued family legacy of being a local employer in the dental sector in Ireland.
Young Paul Dowling, DT in Training (1980s)


Investing into the future

The challenge of having started the business got me through those initial years after dad passed away and my love of innovation and advancing in the dental sector saw my first big investment in technology occur in 1998. As one of the first dental laboratories to bring the Nobel Biocare Procera scanner to Ireland, it was a huge shift in how we were now able to manufacture in the lab.
Nobel Biocare Procera Scanner (1998)


Further Development Digitally

This was followed by my investment in the Sirona inLab system in 2005. These systems revolutionised our business and offered us opportunities to grow the business as the advent of digital dentistry was taking hold globally. I was also the inLab trainer for Ireland for others embracing and investing in this technology.
Sirona inLab System
Sirona inLab System (2005)


Finding Support with Zirkonzahn

It wasn’t until 2015 when our collaboration with Zirkonzahn® elevated us to a totally different level in the sector and we have seen that investment help us go from strength to strength to become a dental laboratory able to focus on excellence and high-end dental restorations for the Irish market. We have benefitted so much from their innovative technology, restorative solutions, educational programmes and from their exceptional sales and marketing team alongside their dental technician led customer support. This reliability allows us to keep future proofing the business.


Levelling up with Irish Dentistry

We have invested heavily over the past few years to bring the most up-to-date technology, highly skilled dental technicians, and expertise to the business to support local employment and growth in our dental laboratory. We are proud of the remodelling transformation that took place in the lab in 2022 alongside our move for the dental technician team to work a 4-day week. This shift has transformed the team and has allowed us to focus on the future of the business to be the leading Irish dental laboratory of choice for dentists in Ireland for exceptional outcomes in dentistry.


Commitment To Introducing Innovation Dental Solutions

We pride ourselves on being the leading Irish dental laboratory of choice and premier destination for cutting-edge dental solutions in Ireland. To become a “Hero” takes unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and precision, which our director Paul Dowling completed in 2023. We are focused on being a centre of excellence and stand as the epitome of being a provider of “Guaranteed Irish” quality dental restorations in the dental industry in Ireland.


Pushing Boundaries in Irish Dental Innovation

Since 2015, our collaboration with Zirkonzahn® has empowered PD Ceramics Ltd to introduce their single-source technology to the Irish dental sector. Our shared mission is to deliver state-of-the-art, meticulously crafted solutions for dental restorations. By embracing the new frontiers of digital dentistry as an Irish employer and manufacturer in the dental sector, we consistently exceed expectations, ensuring unparalleled results for both you and your patients.

Continuous Goals & Visions

Elevating Dental Solutions

Fuelled by professional development and training, our team thrives on providing a unique and tailored approach to serve our valued customers in Ireland and the UK. Our unyielding commitment to revolutionise the dental laboratory sector year after year is driven by a vision of delivering the highest level of support and collaboration for our customers and their patients. Through a blend of traditional wisdom and digital expertise, we aim to provide you with predictable and excellent outcomes as we pave the way for the future of dentistry in Ireland.


Global Skills, Local Impact: Precision in Every Dental Restoration

PD Ceramics Ltd proudly stands among the most advanced digital dental laboratories in Ireland, drawing on the precision and skills of global dental technicians. Our high-end, quality dental crown and bridge solutions cater to the discerning needs of the Irish dental market. Rooted in our dedicated on-site manufacturing team in Loughrea, Co. Galway, our unwavering focus on knowledge and skills ensures unparalleled advantages for you, our esteemed clients and your patients. In essence, PD Ceramics Ltd stands as the embodiment of dental laboratory excellence in Ireland, a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, local employment and the future of dental technology in dentistry. Join us as we redefine possibilities and shape the landscape of dental restorations in the Irish market.

The Faces Behind Our Excellence

Meet the Exceptional PD Ceramics Ltd Team

Paul Dowling

Managing Director
Coming from a strong of line of dentists and a real passion for dental technology, PD Ceramics Ltd came to life after I graduated as a dental technician from the Eastman Dental Hospital, London in 1983, becoming a limited company in 1986. I remain passionate about improving dental technology in Ireland by innovating and becoming the lead centre of excellence for “Guaranteed Irish” advanced dental restorative solutions as the shared goal of the team here in the laboratory. Continuing the family legacy of supporting local employment and growth for our sector is what I am most proud to sustain in Irish dentistry.

Jackie Ffrench

Business Development Lead
I graduated with a BSc. Honours degree in Applied Chemistry in 1998 and initially worked in the medical devices sector. My passion for the business side of dentistry developed during my 11 years in dental practice, which led me to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Management & Marketing in 2013. Building on that knowledge, I completed my MSc. in the same field, specialising in strategy, leadership, and knowledge transfer in 2019. This has allowed me to focus on improving compliance, process standards and lead a new generation of dental technicians and bring advanced dental technology solutions to Ireland in collaboration with our supply partner, Zirkonzahn® since 2015.

Sean Wilkinson

Senior Dental Technician
Born into 3 generations of dentists and dental technicians, I studied 3D design and video game development at UCA, Kent, which led me back to the dental profession, where I graduated as a dental technician from Lambeth College in London in 2013. Working in a high-end private dental laboratory supported my transition to work with our partner company Zirkonzahn® from 2014 to 2019 where I worked directly under Mr. Enrico Steger, CEO in research and development, attaining the competence level of a master dental technician under his tutelage. I started my own dental laboratory in 2020 and worked freelance during the 3 years post-pandemic and 6 months collaborating with an Italian implant company before moving to Ireland to join PD Ceramics Ltd in 2023. Bringing a wealth of knowledge, high-end aesthetic, and digital expertise to the Irish dental market, we aim to continue innovating and becoming the lead centre of excellence for advanced dental restorative solutions.

Pietro Bonanno

Dental Technician
Graduated in 2004 as a dental technician from the IPSIA Ascione in Palermo and worked locally with Giovanni Spera, DT before gaining experience as dental representative with a nationwide dental supplier in Sicily. I moved to the UK in 2016 to improve my English before joining PD Ceramics Ltd in September 2018 and embarked on the famous 3-month Ranger School programme with Zirkonzahn® to accelerate my dental technician career. My goal is to become a Master dental technician and run my own dental laboratory in the future.

Giovanni Spera

Prosthetic Dental Technician
I graduated from IPSIA Ascione in Palermo in 1994 and worked for Dr Salvatore Casella, one of the best aesthetic dentists in my hometown for 9 years. Ran my own prosthetic dental laboratory for 16 years specialising in removable dentures and orthodontics and other advanced appliances. I joined PD Ceramics Ltd in September 2020, to build a new prosthetic department, specialising in the more complex, high-end prosthetic cases for the Irish dental market.

Raoul Armellin

Dental Technician
Graduated as a dental technician from I.P.S.I.A. G. Giorgi, Italy in 2012 and worked with various companies for several years before joining PD Ceramics Ltd in Ireland in 2023 to progress my training. As a new member of the team, I am now training as a full-time dental technician, mastering digital technology, and supporting our growing team in our digital and analogue workflows. I am passionate to expand my knowledge and skills to support my career for the future.
Marion Hodgins

Marion Hodgins

Production Support Coordinator
Coming from the hotel sector and with a strong knowledge of both customer service and dental practice operations as a previous receptionist in the sector, I returned to dentistry and joined PD Ceramics Ltd at the start of 2020. I have progressed in my career here in the dental laboratory moving from general administration to my current position as Production Support Coordinator. I understand the customer and patient journeys on many levels and love supporting the team as we grow to become a centre of excellence in dental laboratory solutions for the Irish market.
siobhan ogrady

Siobhan O’Grady

Accounts Maintenance Bookkeeper
As a skilled and detail-oriented Bookkeeper with an Advanced Certificate in Accounting and over 20 years’ experience in this area, I join the team at PD Ceramics Ltd in Spring 2023 to support the organisation's financial health and operational efficiency. It is great to have this role in-house as it allows me to support the company in many ways, from accurate financial analysis, budget and cash flow management, tax compliance and coordination with our customers and the team here on a daily basis.

Sibéal Connolly

Operations Assistant
Sibéal joins the team from a strong medical devices background. She brings a passion for efficiency and precision in her role as Operations Assistant at PD Ceramics Ltd. Her attention to detail ensures a high quality control standard contributing to the desire for excellence and precision in our dental manufacturing environment. As we strive for strong collaborative outcomes with our customers, Sibéal plays a vital role in supporting project execution. This contributes to our goal to manufacture the highest quality dental restoration in the market as a Guaranteed Irish dental laboratory.
Kye Wise

Kye Wise

Trainee Dental Technician
Kye joins the team as a trainee dental technician at PD Ceramics Ltd. They bring with them a passion for artistry and have a strong technical background. They will begin their Foundation Degree in Dental Technology at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Autumn 2024, whilst learning onsite with the team throughout their degree. Their enthusiasm and strong work ethic as a young trainee is inspirational and they are a wonderful asset to the team.