Becoming Guaranteed Irish as a Dental Laboratory

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At PD Ceramics Ltd we are “Guaranteed Irish” licensees for all our products and services, so you, our customers can trust us as a homegrown, quality manufacturer in dental restorative solutions for your patients. 

We are the first Irish dental laboratory to meet the criteria in the areas of supporting the local community with quality, sustainable job creation and being committed to Irish provenance with the Guaranteed Irish symbol. A symbol that represents trust and has been recognised here in Ireland for over 50 years. There has never been a more important time to feel confident in your choice to support a local business and help strengthen your brand by working with us here at PD Ceramics Ltd. 

In the Irish Times article from September 21st, 2022, Brid O’Connell, CEO of Guaranteed Irish “The importance of trust has never been more pronounced. “The trust factor in business has skyrocketed,” O’Connell says. “It is no longer a ‘nice to have’ association, it is now pretty critical in terms of doing business in Ireland and globally. Even if you are exporting, the reality is that people only want to buy from companies and countries that they trust.”

Our aim is to “forge heroes in our team” by working with our supply partner of choice, Zirkonzahn® who consistently delivers excellent outcomes and provides strong support to our business. This offers a wide array of benefits for our team, our customers, and their patients such as:

Collaborative Partnerships: A supplier that provides strong support often becomes a strategic partner that helps us communicate more effectively with our customers. Such partnerships can lead to joint initiatives, shared resources, and mutual growth and we have seen this over the past 8 years with Zirkonzahn®. Our relationship has built trust and paved the way for long-term business success, which has supported us becoming ‘Guaranteed Irish’ with the excellence we have developed with Zirkonzahn.

Innovation and Expertise: A great supplier often brings innovation to the table, and we have had that with Zirkonzahn®. They suggest new materials, techniques, or processes that can enhance our products or services, but their expertise is invaluable in solving problems or improving efficiency. We have found this very important to have confidence to be Guaranteed Irish and bring better sustainability for the future of the dental laboratory.

Quality Assurance: A reliable supplier ensures high-quality products or services, helping us business maintain our standards and meet customer expectations. Consistent quality has enhanced our brand reputation and customer satisfaction since we started working with Zirkonzahn® and we are confident that the Guaranteed Irish symbol will build on this.

Customer Focus: Zirkonzahn® has been helping us contribute excellent outcomes to support customer satisfaction and attain becoming Guaranteed Irish -all together better in the dental sector this year. They align their processes and deliveries to help meet our needs promptly and efficiently. We are aiming to showcase the importance of this even more for our customers as we become a centre of excellence for high-end aesthetic dental restorations in Ireland, supporting the patient journey through our dental laboratory.

Risk Mitigation: A dependable supplier like Zirkonzahn® can help mitigate various risks. They provide excellent customer support and have backup plans for emergencies, ensuring that our supply chain remains uninterrupted even in challenging situations. We saw this when we started the journey with them in 2015 while we were still recovering from the economic downturn of the global recession in 2008 and more recently during the impact of Brexit in Ireland and during the pandemic. 

Peace of Mind: Working with a supplier you can trust provides peace of mind for us all to build trust with our customers. This has benefited us by allowing us to focus on our business goals and objectives, knowing that the essential aspects of our supply chain are in capable hands.

Cost Efficiency: Although high-quality suppliers might have slightly higher initial costs, their reliability can reduce overall costs in the long run. Fewer defects, reworks, and customer complaints mean fewer costs related to fixing issues and more importantly, we have time to progress in the development of the business and build better trust as a Guaranteed Irish member by focusing on core business activities, innovation, or expanding your market presence.

Flexibility: Excellent suppliers are often flexible and can adapt to your changing needs. They can scale their production or services according to your requirements, accommodating your business growth without compromising quality.

PD Ceramics Ltd is now on a journey to strengthen our association with being Guaranteed Irish. We want to build on being more sustainable and bring excellence to every custom-made dental restoration, blending both aesthetic and functionality for our valued customers and their patients. This will allow us to expand our operations, job opportunities onsite and offer tailored solutions to our customers in the digital dentistry era we are working in.

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