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PD Ceramics Ltd has successfully maintained its position in the dental laboratory sector here in Ireland through hard work and commitment over the past 30 years. The industry has changed dramatically over the past number of years with the advent of the digital era.We rely on our supply chain to fulfil our commitments to our customers. We are fortunate that the suppliers that we use range from SME’s to Global manufacturers. We have built up several very important relationships over the years, especially with Sirona, our inLab supplier and its partner here in Ireland, Henry Schein (Ireland) Ltd and more recently Zirkon Zahn.

Foresight with our initial investment in 1999 with our first Nobel Biocare scanner led to further investment in the Sirona InLab system, which not alone transformed how the laboratory was doing business, but also brought PD Ceramics’ Ltd into the new digital age of all-ceramic restorations. Our director Paul Dowling is the Sirona inLab Trainer for Ireland. Company’s like Sirona and Zirkon Zahn enable us to bring exciting and advanced technological solutions in the digital market to our customers.

Digital Impressions

There are many digital impression scanning systems available on the market. Each system offers its own unique features and benefits and this technology is evolving every year. Sirona offer over 30 years of expertise in the field of CAD/CAM technology in dentistry. The method of scan, design and mill has evolved to deliver a workflow model that allows the dentist to communicate more efficiently with the dental laboratory.

This workflow model has been incorporated successfully into many dental practices using scanning technology such as the Apollo Di or Omnicam from Sirona or other scanners such as Trios from 3Shape. This allows for delivery of digital impressions to be sent from the dental practice to the laboratory via the “Sirona Connect” portal or they can be exported to other CAD software systems, such as Zirkon Zahn in the form of an STL file. Once received by the laboratory the design process can begin on the InLab software or other CAD software. Manufacturing of a required restoration is carried out using Sirona 4 or 5-Axis Milling units or to another CAD/CAM production system such as Zirkon Zahn or sent to external central production centres such as Infinident. This allows for the most consistent, accurate and precise method of crown manufacturing, eliminating the potential inaccuracies that occur with conventional impression taking techniques.