Case Sending & Packing Guidance


  • We use PD Ceramics Ltd branded recycling cardboard boxes for our customers. Whether you are sending us back a box or using another type of cardboard box, we ask if you can please remove all previous stickers, markings or shipping labels. This ensures that your cases reach us in time.
  • We recommend use of extra packing material in empty spaces to prevent possible damage or breakages from happening.
  • All cases must be sent to us disinfected and wrapping of each model individually is essential to avoid any damage or breakage.
  • Your prescription docket must be sent to us dry. It cannot be sent inside any packaging that could leak, such as with alginates. It is advised to send it in a separate, sealed plastic bag to avoid it getting wet or destroyed.
  • We require you to identify any loose items such as implant components, parts, crowns or bridges with the patients’ code and initials in a separate plastic bag or container to prevent damage or breakages. This should then be stapled to the prescription docket also to ensure that the correct patients’ components are together. This is essential if sending multiple cases in a box.
  • Shipping of articulators with models: we advise that you separate the articulator and wrap each section individually and pack in a securely padded box.
  • Shipping of facebows: these and other components need to be wrapped individually and packed in a securely padded box.
  • Please note the implant system components being used for all implant cases being sent.
  • Any photographs for the case must be indicated on the prescription docket and sent to
  • If you are recycling any of our plastic crown and bridge boxes, please ensure they are wrapped separately and secured to avoid damage to any case they are enclosed with.