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Future-Proofing Your Dental Restoration

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An exposed implant is always a cause for concern, once the spiral is exposed a countdown for implant failure starts. Surface polishing, strict hygiene routines and a cleansable restoration can drastically improve longevity of risky restorations.

Initial Situation

Our aim for this restoration was to produce a long-lasting zirconia solution for the patient, with a built-in backup plan for when the implant fails. Working in close collaboration with Dr. Paul Moore, BDS we were able to design the outcome knowing that we have explored all elements of getting a stable result for the patient in question.

Bar Design

Why Did We Choose This Restoration?

If we were to make a regular Prettau® bridge with bar reinforcement for this case it would have to be removed once the implant fails. The whole bridge would then be returned to the lab to section the failed portion, which means the patient will be without their restoration also.

  1. By using the split-bridge function, we have separated the stable implants from the one at risk.
  2. If the bridge fails, it can be removed, and an interim provisional denture can be fabricated using the digital files we have in the lab.

Two titanium bars were milled, one on 1 implant with a hex connection to avoid any rotation when trying to index onto the main reconstruction and a second to support the larger spanning bridge. Both Bars were restored with Monolithic Prettau® 2 Dispersive® zirconia and stained with Zirkonzahn® ICE Zirkon 3D stains.

Prettau® Zirconia Full Arch Restoration with Integral Titanium And Precision Attachment 1
Prettau® Zirconia Full Arch Restoration with Integral Titanium And Precision Attachment 2

Each reconstruction was subsequently layered with Pink ICE Zirkon Ceramic by Zirkonzahn® to create a natural looking gingiva to help mask the joining line of the two restorations.

Fitting of Restoration

When the split full-arch dental restoration was received back in the dental clinic, the following steps were taken by the dentist:

  • LaminateButler™️ is an autoclavable sterilised silicone palette used to lay out the restorative components we manufactured and provided in the correct order prior to the patients appointment.
  • Necessary checks were made and the final split full-arch dental restoration was securely attached to the patient’s dental implants or abutments.
  • The dentist ensured that the restoration was stable, functioning well during chewing and speaking, to provide a natural and comfortable appearance.

LaminateButler™️ is just one of many products from the Irish company GDS Ltd Dental Organiser, founded by Dr Paul Moore and Hazel Hendy that we use in our workflows for organisation of mulitple components, especially in complex implant cases. It also comes with a lid for additional protection and security.

We #WorkWith LaminateButler™️ for Organisation

Primary Bridge Is Fitted


By thinking outside of the box and working closely with Dr. Moore on this case, PD Ceramics Ltd managed to successfully please both the patient and our client whilst ensuring our restoration will last for years to come.

Prettau® Split Bridge With Integral Titanium Bar

  Dental Technician: Sean Wilkinson, Senior DT