Case Study

Comparison Between Conventional and Digital Workflow

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In recent years, the dental industry has witnessed a significant shift in impression-taking methods, moving from conventional techniques to advanced digital workflows. The introduction of precise and cost-effective intraoral scanners has revolutionised how dentists manage patient impressions in real-time chairside. This technical advancement not only enhances patient comfort but also fosters seamless communication between dental practices and laboratories.

With digital scans, practitioners can instantly assess scan quality and collaborate with technicians in real time, addressing any issues promptly. This immediacy not only reduces delays caused by poor scans but also ensures efficient problem-solving while the patient is still in the chair.

For us, as an Irish dental laboratory, this shift signifies a growing awareness of the benefits of invaluable collaboration between dentists and technicians, where we are actively working to support our customers on how to capture and evaluate issues before sending us a case. Active and continuous communication throughout the case progression is also pivotal in this digital partnership to achieve the correct solution for the patient.

At PD Ceramics Ltd, embracing digital workflows has transformed our approach to offering superior solutions, making us a laboratory of excellence in restorative solutions within the Irish dental sector. This technological evolution not only streamlines our processes but also results in superior, patient-focused collaborations, marking a positive and sustainable change in our field.

Dental technician: Pietro Bonanno, Lead Digital DT