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Prettau® Zirconia Full Arch Restoration with Integral Titanium Bar

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The Future Of Dental Restorations: Prettau® Zirconia Full Arch restoration with an Integral Titanium Bar is used to restore a full arch where a patient has lost most or all of their teeth. This form of restoration is both durable and aesthetically beautiful, making it a popular choice among people looking for a long-term, fixed treatment.

In this case, the patient had lost most of their upper teeth due to extensive gum disease and decay, which made eating and smiling confidently difficult. Instead of frequently getting denture repairs, they wanted a long-term solution to their dental problems. The ideal treatment for this scenario was the Prettau® Zirconia Full Arch Restoration with Integral Titanium Bar, that we collaborated closely on with the dentist from the early planning to the final production stages. This innovative, high-end solution, which was developed by Zirkonzahn® to combine artistry and advanced technology, delivers superb aesthetics, functionality and long term durability for the patient.

Discover the method and benefits of employing Prettau® Zirconia with an Integral Titanium Bar for complete arch restorations below.


Diagnostic Phase: Extensive diagnostic procedures were carried out for example a number of diagnostics including digital impressions in combination with the clinic or in the dental laboratory.

Treatment Planning: Our dental laboratory, specialises in creating Prettau® Zirconia restorations, working in collaboration with the dentist. The collaboration to meet the patients personalised treatment plan from their dentist took the patient’s aesthetic choices, oral anatomy, and facial features into account.

Surgical Phase: To guarantee enough support for the full arch restoration, several surgical procedures were carried out at the dental practice, including the removal of any damaged teeth that remained and bone grafting. The titanium bar was precisely designed to distribute the forces equally between all implants.

Development of the Titanium Bar: To act as the foundation, the titanium bar is vital for the long term success of large Prettau® Zirconia Full Arch Restorations manufactured onsite here in the dental lab. The bar was designed to suit the implants precisely and to provide a durable base for the completed prosthesis, whilst greatly reducing the weight.Prettau® Zirconia Framework: To serve as the superstructure, PD Ceramics Ltd produced the Prettau®2 Zirconia framework. This framework was constructed exclusively to fit over the titanium bar and offer the necessary durability and natural appearance, the natural areas were layered with ceramic to increase the aesthetics of the case.

Trial Fitting: To be confident with the alignment and bite for the Prettau® Zirconia framework, a trial fitting was conducted before the creation of the final restoration. During this stage, we produced a PMMA prototype of the final Zirconia Restoration. In order to provide the greatest possible comfort and functionality, the dentist must assess the bite and occlusion to guarantee the effectiveness and cleansability of this type of restoration for a patient case.

Placement: Using the built-in titanium bar, the finished Prettau® Zirconia Full Arch Restoration was cemented and secured to the implants.

After Care: In order to maintain our standard throughout time, we at PD Ceramics Ltd value updates in regard to cases that we completed (a brief email goes a long way) to see how the patient is getting on and ensure that everything is satisfactory for our customers also. As always, we appreciate visual references post fitting at various stages such as at: 3 or 5 or 10 years on, so that we can record the outcomes of our collaborative efforts.

While finishing the case is crucial, maintaining the final restoration is equally vital and should be shared with the technical team so we can all learn from each case.

Treatment Benefits

Upper multilayer variable MPa monolithic zirconia bridge including an internal cemented titanium bar and ceramic-layered gingiva – the exceptional durability and remarkable appeal of this restoration led to its choice. Since the integral titanium bar maintains a uniform material thickness throughout the supra-structure, it significantly lowers the weight of the final restoration and lowers the chance of stress fractures around the connection areas.

To guarantee that any potential erosion of the glaze layer wouldn’t affect the opposing dentition, the zirconia was pre-polished before glazing. This also allows light to refract through the material, producing a more realistic natural effect as is found in natural teeth.


In the discipline of restorative dentistry, the Prettau® Zirconia Full Arch Restoration with an Integral Titanium Bar is an important innovation to the dental world. This case study demonstrates the revolutionary potential of this creative approach in regaining a patient’s confidence, functionality, and supporting their long-term dental health. Nobody should feel embarrassed to smile. This restoration’s longevity warrants a long-lasting treatment option, saving patients from the inconveniences and expenses of regular replacements. Additionally, patients receive a smile that is both attractive and unique because of its natural features.

The key to producing a high quality, high-end aesthetic case is both adequate time and a well-coordinated team effort in communication during the case development. Working closely with a prosthodontist or experienced high-end aesthetic dentist as an Irish dental laboratory requires strong, open expert collaborative discussions on design, aesthetics and function, so we can deliver a superior outcome for the patient.

The Prettau® Zirconia Full Arch Restoration with an Integral Titanium Bar is a great example of a contemporary dental solution at its finest. It showcases the integration of advanced technology, close collaborations that we foster with our customers, the dentists and legacy craftsmanship offered at PD Ceramics Ltd, Ireland as a Guaranteed Irish member.

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Upper Supra-structure:  Prettau 2 Dispersiv Zirconia, Zirkonzahn® Stains and Ice Ceramics
Upper Substructure: Titanium Grade 5 Bar Anodized Gold
Dental Technician: Sean Wilkinson, Senior DT

Team Member Sean