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The Power Of AI For Shade Taking – Matisse Optishade

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In the realm of manufacturing high-end dental crown and bridge solutions, the integration of advanced technologies has been a game-changer, particularly in addressing the long-standing challenge of shade matching in dentistry. The advent of data-based engineering has paved the way for the utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI), and the Matisse® software stands out as a powerful tool in this transformative process.

How Does Matisse® Work?

Matisse® operates by analysing natural and polarising images captured with DRS cameras chairside or here onsite at PD Ceramics Ltd. This analysis focuses on the different ceramic masses required to achieve optimal color matching for dental restorations. The software takes into account various factors, including the nuances of colour, translucency, and other essential characteristics. This sophisticated approach enables dental technicians to produce crowns and bridges that seamlessly blend with the natural dentition.

Upon capturing an image, Matisse® goes a step further by calibrating the image and generating precise recipes for the different areas of the tooth that require restoration. This level of detail ensures that the final product meets the highest standards of color accuracy and aesthetics.

Matisse® Optishade Procedure

Matisse® Optishade Procedure

Advantages Of Using Matisse®:

One of the key advantages of Matisse® is its integration with Optishade, marking a significant collaboration that has streamlined and enhanced the shade-matching process. The synergy between these two software solutions allows both dental technicians and dentists to share images captured with identical parameters, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and consistency in the analysis.

The collaborative efforts of Matisse® and Optishade enable a comprehensive and meticulous approach to dental restorations. Technicians and dentists can work seamlessly together, using a standardised set of parameters to assess and adjust various elements of the restoration, such as chroma and translucency. This collaboration not only simplifies the workflow but also contributes to the precision and predictability of the final outcome due to the ability to replicate a digital try-in without needing the patient in the lab, with this function we can assess the shade matching digitally using L.A.B Values which are based on CIELAB colour theory before sending the restoration to the dentist, cutting down the need of extra appointments.

In practical terms, the integration of Optishade and Matisse® has significantly reduced the margin for error in aesthetic dentistry. The images produced in the laboratory showcase the remarkable results achieved through this combination of technologies. The ability to match colors to a degree that is imperceptible to the human eye underscores the success of this approach.


Ultimately, the Optishade tool, accessible to both dentists and dental technicians, when combined with the analytical capabilities of the Matisse® software, emerges as a valuable key factor in the field of aesthetic dentistry. This powerful combination not only enhances the efficiency of the restoration process by reducing chairside appointments and less time during the shade taking process but also elevates the overall quality and precision of high- end dental crown and bridge solutions for the benefit of patients.

Aligning with Matisse® allows us as a ‘Small Firms Association Award Finalist‘ the opportunity to raise the bar of dental aesthetics as a ‘Guaranteed Irish’ service situated in Loughrea, Co. Galway.

Discover more about Matisse® Optishade with PD Ceramics Ltd, and schedule your patient for a shade appointment with us to achieve a realistic and natural smile.