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Titanium Bar with Locator® Attachment and Overdenture

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The development of innovative prosthetic solutions has significantly enhanced patients’ quality of life in the modern era of dentistry. Amongst these advancements, the utilisation of a titanium bar with a Locator® attachment and overdenture stands as a remarkable milestone in dental prosthetics. An overdenture is a dental prosthesis treatment suitable for supporting patients who are missing some of their teeth, which is used to restore functionality and offer maximum comfort to the patient in the form of a hybrid tooth-supported or implant supported dentures.

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Understanding the Titanium Bar with Locator® Attachment and Overdenture

This dental implant prosthesis system comprises of a titanium bar as its foundational structure, serving as a sturdy and durable base for subsequent components. Titanium’s exceptional biocompatibility and strength make it an ideal material for dental applications, ensuring longevity and reliability for the prosthesis. The incorporation of a Locator® attachment mechanism onto the titanium bar is pivotal for the stability and retention of the prosthetic device. The Locator® system offers patients a secure fit while allowing for easy removal and maintenance by dental professionals. Its user-friendly design enhances comfort and functionality for individuals using this prosthesis.

Integration of Sleeve

Furthermore, the integration of a sleeve component compliments the Locator® attachment system, enhancing the overall functionality and effectiveness of the prosthesis. The sleeve ensures proper alignment, stability, and balance of the prosthetic structure, optimising its performance within the oral cavity.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Innovative dental prosthesis with titanium-based foundation
  • Provides resilience for durability
  • Locator® attachment and sleeve combination ensures a comfortable fit
  • Enhances reliable functionality within the oral cavity
  • Improves chewing efficiency for enhanced daily life
  • Enhances speech clarity and overall oral health
  • Increased appearance and aesthetics
Lower removable overdenture with secondary sleeve on Ti-Bar with Locator® and Upper Full Denture
Lower removable overdenture with secondary sleeve on Ti-Bar with Locator® and Upper Full Denture


The utilisation of a titanium bar with a Locator® attachment and counterbite in dental prosthetics represents a significant advancement in the field. Its amalgamation of durable materials and functional design elements stands as a testament to the continuous evolution of dental technologies, promising enhanced comfort, reliability, and performance for patients relying on such prosthetic solutions.

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Technician: Giovanni Spera, DT

Technician: Giovanni Spera, DT