Case Study: The Magic of The ‘Mock-Up’ Solution by Zirkonzahn®

The Magic of Zirkonzahn MockUp Solution

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Do you want a flawless smile, but afraid to commit to conventional dental restorations? 

Imagine this: a solution that allows you to see, touch, and experience your ideal smile before making that commitment. It’s not magic, but it sure seems like it. 

Welcome to the next era of dentistry: Begin the journey of creating your smile with a ‘Mock-Up’.

In today’s era of evolving dental solutions, it can be a big undertaking for patients to visualise their permanent dental restorations, especially in the anterior (front tooth) region and that is why we use the ‘Mock-Up‘ solution with our customers at PD Ceramics Ltd. It is a solution from Zirkonzahn that was created to provide patients with a non-invasive solution that can improve the appearance of their smiles without requiring any dental treatment. We will take you on a journey into the world of a smile you can pop on, understanding what they are, how they function, and why they’ve become such an important diagnostic tool for both dentists and patients striving to improve their smile.

Whether you are interested in a smile make-over, thinking about investing in veneers, crowns, or other dental treatments, or simply curious about this perfect diagnostic tool, we are here as a reliable source of information for you. 

Let’s dive into the wonder of our exclusive Zirkonzahn®Mock-Up’ in Multistratum® flexible and see how they are advancing dentistry, one smile at a time.

What is a Mock Up?

A ‘Mock-Up’ smile is a temporary cosmetic dentistry solution to analyse occlusion, demonstrating to patients how their smile will look following cosmetic or restorative dental treatment. It is made with a flexible polycarbonate tooth shaded resin Multistratum® flexible which can be put over existing teeth to show patients possible results of treatments such as veneers, crowns, or orthodontic work. 

What To Expect?

Patient Assessment: A thorough examination and evaluation of the patient’s oral health and appearance will be conducted with the dentist. Solutions for patients’ desired smile will be discussed. Photographs, PlaneSystem® Analysis (which is conducted on-site in the dental laboratory at PD Ceramics Ltd) and digital scans must be sent to the lab from the dental practice to ensure we have high quality information to design the desired ‘Mock-Up‘.

Treatment Planning: Treatment plan explanation will be discussed, which could be veneers, implants or other restorative work. The Zirkonzahn®Mock-Up’ would be proposed at this point and discussed further.

Patient Consent: The patient’s informed permission to proceed with the ‘Mock-Up’ and recommended treatment plan must be documented to allow the Zirkonzahn® workflow to begin with us here in the dental laboratory.

Zirkonzahn Mock-Up Process: Once the patient consent is received and the treatment plan is approved, the manufacturing process can begin using the analysis and scans provided from the practice or conducted here on site at the dental laboratory. This can include the CAD/CAM method, the use of quality material like high-performance, flexible resin that can last up to ten years, as well as plaster-free articulation, which simulates patient-specific rotating, sliding, and closing jaw motions.

Mock-Up Placement: The Zirkonzahn® Mock-Up is placed in the patient’s mouth. This is the stage at which patients can truly visualise the impact of their treatment choice.

Evaluation: Both the patient and the dentist must evaluate the ‘Mock-Up’. From the feedback, adjustments may be brought to the attention of the dental lab, resulting in modifications and a retry.

Final Treatment: The patient can decide whether they want to keep the ‘Mock-Up’ or go to the final permanent restoration process, if the mock-up is effective and matches the patient’s expectations.

Follow-up: Records are kept of any follow-up appointments and care instructions given to the patient once treatment is completed. It is crucial to return to the dentist for regular check-ups to ensure high aesthetics are maintained over time. As the dental lab, we value receiving updates on cases we completed to ensure our standard remains intact over time (a quick email goes a long way).

Benefits of Mock Up

Visual Representation: Serves as an illustration of the end result of proposed treatment. It allows both the dentist and the patient to understand the outcome without making a commitment. 

Communication: It is difficult to show patients what they will receive because dental restorations are a lengthy and often irreversible process. The ‘Mock-Up’ serves as a communication tool because the patient can visualise how their investment will turn out. 

Treatment Planning: Dentists can utilise ‘Mock-Up’ to more precise design and customised treatment strategies. If the patient wants something changed, it is a simple, non – permanent correction. This can increase the accuracy of case satisfaction for both the dentist and patient. 

Aesthetic Assessment:Mock-Up’ allows for a complete visual assessment, allowing the design to be tailored to match the patient’s aesthetic tastes and expectations prior to final fit.

Non Invasive: This temporary solution is a non intrusive technique to enhance a patient’s smile, whilst offering them a reversible alternative in the short-term.

Time & Cost Savings: These ‘trial teeth’ can save time and limit the probability of costly rework by ensuring that the treatment plan is well-designed and agreed upon by both the patient and the dentist.


In the discipline of dentistry, the search for a new smile is a collaborative effort between patients and their trusted dental professionals.  ‘Mock-Up‘ smiles by Zirkonzahn® has been developed as a great tool to showcase patient expectations, quick, non-permanent results, and much more. These temporary treatments have the potential to impact not just the looks of a patient’s smile, but also the process in which dentistry is practiced.

To find out more about how we can assist you and your patients, please contact us to begin your journey!

Team Member Sean

Technician: Sean Wilkinson – Senior Dental Technician 

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