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PD Ceramics Ltd

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Time Essentials

Opening Hours

We offer a reliable 5 days a week service with daily telephone and on-site support to our clients.

Monday to Thursday: 7.00am – 5.30pm
Friday: 8.00am – 2:30pm

Crown & Bridge Lead Time

Normal Crown & Bridge Service: 10 Days
Implant Crown & Bridge Service: 10 – 14 Days (case dependent)
Express Crown & Bridge Service: 5 Days (20% Additional Charge)
Superior Service: Same Day Crowns (Local service only)
Delivery Lead Time: Allow 2 Days after dispatch

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From Case Bookings to General Queries, Reach Out to Us

NOTICE: PD Ceramics Ltd works directly with dentists as a business-to-business service, as we provide custom-made dental devices under the Medical Devices Directive, 1994. We require a prescription for all patient cases from a registered dentist to work with patients based on the requirements of the dentist.