Crown and Bridge

High-Quality Dental Crown and Bridge Restoration

PD Ceramics Ltd is your trusted source for exceptional dental crown and bridge restoration services in Ireland. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every custom-made creation, blending both functionality and aesthetic appeal for our valued customers and their patients.

Comprehensive Dental Crown and Bridge Solutions

At PD Ceramics Ltd, we specialise in a wide range of dental crown and bridge restorations, catering to diverse needs and complexities. From straightforward single unit crowns to intricate implant case restorations, our skilled team is dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations.

Innovative Material Solutions for Crown and Bridge

We are dedicated to innovation and patient satisfaction. Our focus on metal-free crown and bridge dental solutions reflects our commitment to the latest advancements in dental materials. While we prioritise modern materials, we also recognise the value of traditional options when they align with a patient’s specific needs. Our strict planning protocol for complex implant cases ensures technical precision, responsiveness and flexibility, all crucial components for achieving excellence and accuracy in dental restorations.

Elevating Your Restorative Experience

Experience personalised care with our unique patient solutions. Our on-site digital dental photography and shade analysis service guarantees a perfect shade match for your custom-made dental restorations, ensuring a seamless blend with your natural dentition. For intricate cases, our patient analysis service, powered by the innovative PlaneSystem® from Zirkonzahn®, ensures renewed support and proper function, harmonising with your natural teeth.

Our Offer

Explore Our Dental Restoration Options

Temporary Restoration with Mock-Up Solution

Discover the Mock-Up solution from Zirkonzahn®, a temporary restoration option that caters to both aesthetic and functional needs. Through collaborative efforts between the patient, dentist and dental technician, we achieve successful final restorations that restore both beauty and functionality.

Zirconia Excellence

Our exclusive partnership with Zirkonzahn® allows us to deliver superior zirconia restorations. The highly translucent Prettau® Zirconia range, combined with specialised colour techniques, ensures reliability, choice and distinction in the final dental restoration.

EMAX All-Ceramic System

Experience the innovation of IPS E.Max, a metal-free, all-ceramic system from Ivoclar®. Its advanced materials offer high strength, durability and exceptional aesthetics for crown and bridge manufacturing.

A Commitment to Dental Excellence

At PD Ceramics Ltd, we lead the way in modern dental restorations in Ireland. Our dedication to using advanced materials and technology ensures that our crown and bridge solutions meet the highest standards of quality and patient satisfaction. Contact us today to embark on a journey of dental restoration excellence.