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Crown & Bridge

At PD Ceramics Ltd, our pride lies in the quality and standard of restorations from simple monolithic crowns to the most challenging and complex implant cases. Our business is constantly evolving as new technologies and materials enter the market place. Currently, the percentage of all-ceramic restorations greatly exceeds the percentage of traditional porcelain fused to metal (P.F.M) restorations that we produce, in our laboratory.

Our continual investment in digital technology is what differentiates us in the market place and allows us to offer our customers a variety of choices when it comes to solutions for their patients.We entered the age of “digital dentistry” in 1999 with the purchase of a Procera scanner from Nobel Biocare and this was followed by the purchase of our Sirona INEOS Red scanner in 2006 and upgraded to the Sirona INEOS Blue scanner in 2011.

As our requirements to invest in a 5-axis milling machine became clearer through analysis of our customer’s needs, it led to the purchase of the latest, state of the art 5-axis CAD/CAM technology from Zirkon Zahn in September 2015. Their new compact line milling machine M1 Wet Heavy 5-axis milling machine, the S600 Arti Laser scanner and Zirkonoven 700 Vakuum Zirconia Sintering furnace were installed in our purpose built dental laboratory in Loughrea, Co. Galway.

We are very proud to be the first dental laboratory in Ireland to bring this technology and the superior solutions it offers, to our customers and patients.



Our choice to work exclusively with Zirkon Zahn to achieve superior zirconia restorations is based on their ability to provide us with the technology and material choices, which they have developed to meet the demands of our customers. Their highly translucent Prettau® Zirconia, which is used in conjunction with a specialized colouring technique. This zirconia can also by layered with porcelain to satisfy the most demanding aesthetic cases.

EMax Layered

EMAX: CAD/CAM & Layered

Our manufacturing is primarily focused on all-ceramic restorations due to the continued advancement in materials and technology. The IPS e.max, metal-free aesthetics all-ceramic system from Ivoclar incorporates several types of materials: lithium disilicate, fluorapatite and zirconium oxide glass-ceramics. The lithium disilicate glass-ceramic is manufactured in an innovative technological process offering high strength, durability and available in several degrees of translucency for maximum aesthetics in CAD/CAM manufacturing of crown and bridge.

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

Our PFM crowns are manufactured to the highest quality using a centrifugal casting machine. The fit of all wax patterns is checked under a microscope (MANTIS) prior to casting and once in metal, are checked again under the microscope and fitted to the stone die, ensuring no overextensions or casting defects exist. This attention to detail is critical to produce a crown that fits well onto the tooth and avoid problems for the patient in years to come.