Customer Portal

Streamlined Patient Case Management with our Customer Portal

PD Ceramics Ltd’s commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of your patient case management is elevated through the utilisation of cutting-edge technology. Seamlessly managing your patient cases is made possible through our innovative Seazona dental laboratory software.

Your Personalised Access Point

We understand the value of efficient case management and scheduling. That’s why we’ve introduced a new dimension of service – your very own Seazona portal. This portal promotes seamless collaboration between your dental practice and our dental laboratory, enabling efficient communication, quick updates and shared progress tracking.

While we continue to offer traditional customer support via phone and email, our commitment to our clients and partners drives us to provide instant access to personalised and specific case information through our online portal.

Through our portal, you have the ability to monitor the progress of your patient cases in real time, offering a panoramic view of your ongoing cases and allowing you to track their journey through our meticulous processes

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Your partnership with PD Ceramics Ltd deserves the best in convenience and efficiency. Experience the power of our online portal – the ultimate tool to access and manage your account seamlessly.

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