Embracing Recognition: Nominated for the National Small Business Awards 2024

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In the bustling world of small businesses, every milestone is a testament to dedication, hard work, and passion. Recently, we had the honour of being nominated for the prestigious National Small Business Awards 2024 by MentorsWork, an experience that has profoundly impacted our team at PD Ceramics Ltd. This honour is a tribute not only to PD Ceramics Ltd as a company, but also to our team’s individual efforts to develop next-generation solutions, services, and operational improvements. Collaborating as a team to build a growing network of dental industry support, our nomination recognises our joint efforts and underlines the dedication that PD Ceramics Ltd has put forth in the industry technically, through business development, and by engaging with other industries to contribute to the world of dentistry in Ireland.

In this weeks ‘Diary of a Dental Lab’ we invite you to join us on our journey, exploring not just the accolade itself, but the inherent value it holds for us, our customers, and the community we serve. 

The Unexpected Nomination 

When the news of our nomination reached us, it was met with a mix of excitement and humility. The recognition came as a complete surprise, validating the countless hours we have poured into our business over the past 2 years, but most definitely during the trials and tribulations post Covid. It is more than just a nomination; it is a symbol of the faith MentorsWork have in us and the trust they place in our service offering in the dental sector in Ireland. We could not believe it and we hope we can highlight how much it means to be recognised for this by bringing the dental lab further in its evolution and growth in the coming years. 

Validation of Dedication 

Receiving this nomination has affirmed that our commitment to delivering quality products & services along with exceptional customer experiences has not gone unnoticed. It serves as a validation of the hard work and dedication of our team members who go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. We have faced so many changes post Covid and our vision and goals for 2022 – 2023 were to shine a spotlight of how a small dental laboratory in the West of Ireland can reshape the landscape and improve the future for dental technicians & our team. This recognition fuels our motivation to continuously innovate and improve, setting higher standards for ourselves. 

PD Ceramics Ltd Milestones (2022 – 2023)

Boosting Team Morale

Being nominated for the National Small Business Awards 2024 has created an atmosphere of pride and enthusiasm within our team. It is a shared achievement that has strengthened our bonds and reinforced our collective belief in the vision we are striving to achieve. The recognition has boosted team morale, encouraging everyone to contribute their best and maintain the excellence that got us nominated in the first place. It has given us the opportunity to also highlight dental technology as an important and critical service provider in the dental sector in Ireland that needs to be protected and nourished, and we are on a mission to do this. Each team member played a role in achieving this nomination and we are excited to see if we get shortlisted for the final. No matter what happens, we are definitely inspired and focused to bring more awareness and support to the market on the need for our services and grow in the years ahead. 

Enhancing Customer Trust

For our customers and their patients, this nomination signifies that they are not just patrons but partners in our success story. Without their support, feedback for improvements and trust, we would not be at this stage in the business. We hope it instils confidence in their choice to support a business that is recognised for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction like PD Ceramics Ltd in the dental sector in Ireland. We want to be a trusted source for the right information and knowledge around dental restorations and the patient journey with the support of an Irish dental lab.

The nomination is a badge of honour, assuring our customers that they are associated with a reputable and esteemed establishment. By being ‘Guaranteed Irish’ members, we hope to further strengthen our customers confidence in our products & services, trusting that we are aiming to give them the absolute best as we elevate the business further in 2024. 

Guaranteed Irish’ Stamp Of Approval (2023)

Community Impact 

Beyond our immediate circle, this nomination has a ripple effect in our community. It serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, demonstrating that dedication and innovation are recognised and celebrated. By being a nominee, we contribute to the ethos of entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging others in the dental sector to pursue their dreams and contribute positively to the community by also being a ‘Guaranteed Irish’ member. We hope the nomination catapults dental technology into the spotlight in the Irish market as a service provider and raises awareness and much needed support for our homegrown services, to support and retain dental technicians’ skills and collaborative abilities for dentists & better patient outcomes.  

Submitting the Application

Pressing the submit button for the awards was an unbelievable experience and if we reach the finalists list, we would be thrilled to receive the benefits of that prize package for the business. Filling in the application showed just how much work has gone into getting to that moment & why it feels right to accept the nomination, but even more exciting was writing down the vision and goals for the next 5 years of the company. The dental laboratory industry is changing rapidly, and we have been looking ahead with a clear focus on the need to invest in employee training and skill development to be the best in our field, that will honouring our ‘Guaranteed Irish’ goals, whilst adopting and growing in the evolving digital era of dentistry. We are keen to encourage our team to be committed to quality and innovation and this can only be achieved with continuous learning and professional growth. We want to be seen, be green and contributing to a sustainable, bright future for dental technicians in the Irish dental market. Shape

National SFA Award Finalist Opportunities (2023)


In the grand tapestry of small business ventures, every acknowledgment, no matter how big or small, weaves a story of perseverance and passion. Our nomination for the National Small Business Awards 2024 is not just a feather in our cap; it is a testament to the values we hold dear and the standards we uphold & are trying to strengthen in the dental sector in Ireland everyday as it comes. It is a beacon of inspiration for us to continue our journey with unwavering determination, and a promise to our customers and their patients that they will always receive the best from us. 

As we eagerly await the shortlist announcement in January 2024 to hopefully be part of the awards ceremony in March 2024, we are grateful for this opportunity to reflect on our achievements and celebrate the support that has brought us here. Win or lose, this nomination will forever hold a special place in our hearts, reminding us of the incredible journey we have undertaken as a dental laboratory in Ireland, and the exciting path that lies ahead for our sector. 

Thank you for being a part of our story, and for believing in the power of a small business, like PD Ceramics Ltd dental laboratory making a big difference in your everyday patient success stories. Here’s to the future, filled with endless possibilities and the unwavering spirit of our team to keep moving forward! 

National SFA Logo (2023)

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