Guaranteed Irish Awards 2024 Ceremony

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Last night we were very proud ‘Guaranteed Irish Business Awards 2024’ Finalists in the Pharmaceutical and MedTech category sponsored by Matheson with Guaranteed Irish.

Our Category: Pharmaceutical and MedTech.

A massive Congratulations to Glenisk on becoming ‘Guaranteed Irish Business of the Year 2024’. And a warm congratulations to our category winners: Consilient Health Ireland. It was an honour to be in the company of such strong businesses and their teams.

A shout out to our Galway neighbours Irish Socksociety as the Winners of Guaranteed Irish Gift Champion.

With that, a special mention goes to my amazing team who couldn’t be with me on the night. Without their contributions, strength and vision to support dentistry and dental patients nationwide and beyond we wouldn’t be standing strong as an SME in Ireland today.

PD Ceramics Finalists Guaranteed Irish Awards 2024

The greatest value that came from the night as a Guaranteed Irish member was through the insights I gleaned from other business owners, partners and employees who were so curious about what we did.


Most didn’t know that we were a dental manufacturing company. When I discussed our business everyone knew about crowns, bridges and implants! So, our general description of being a ‘dental laboratory’ didn’t carry the same weight. We have been trying hard to bring awareness to our value in the Irish economy and being at the awards last night really supported that.

Some of the businesses on the night have easier access to the general public as a B2C provider, so it was really great for us to represent a B2B business offering with a B2C end user of our dental restorations. We know from the feedback that we receive from our customers that there are a lot of very happy dental patients wearing our products in Ireland North & South and the UK!

Like every other business owner in the room, PD Ceramics Ltd has made the investments for growth based on loving what we do as dental technicians, but to equally support our customers, dentists with their dental patients (and ourselves working in the industry as dental patients too).

That is why we have been changing the language we use in our sector. We are a strong SME dental manufacturing company supporting the Irish economy, local employment and proud of what we do.

We are a trusted source for Irish quality, custom-made dental restorative solutions and want dental patients to know that we are in Ireland supporting dentistry at the highest level.

Our vision for the future: we want to grow and showcase our value to the dental market as a whole. We are proud to be part of this strong Guaranteed Irish group and wear the symbol with pride. ☘️🏆

Paul Dowling

Managing Director & Master Dental Technician

PD Ceramics Ltd

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