Guaranteed Irish Finalist 2024

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We are thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with our Guaranteed Irish community face-to-face at the Guaranteed Irish Business Awards 2024 on March 21st as they celebrate 50 years. We are honoured to be finalists in the Pharmaceutical & Medtech sector, sponsored by Matheson. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication of our exceptional team, the support of our suppliers, customers, and the trust of their valued patients. In the wake of the challenges posed by post-Covid and post-Brexit scenarios, and with our sector undergoing significant changes, this recognition holds even greater significance.

What Does Guaranteed Irish Mean?

The Guaranteed Irish symbol is a powerful marketing tool for any company, which has truly helped PD Ceramics Ltd as dental laboratory stand out in a competitive market. By highlighting a commitment to Irish values, quality and consistency for products and services supporting “all together better” choices for the life of our local community and for Ireland as a whole. As members of the Guaranteed Irish network, we not only gain access to various forms of support, networking events, and valuable experiences, but we also find a genuine champion for our brand — one that acknowledges our significant contribution to the Irish market as a trusted dental laboratory.

Guaranteed Irish Business Awards (2024)

Striving For Excellence

Initially hesitant about pursuing membership, the prospect of aligning with Guaranteed Irish, a symbol associated with the best in the industry, served as a motivating force. Embracing this affiliation has reshaped our mindset, inspiring us to strive for excellence and dedicate more effort to enhancing our brand.

Joining Guaranteed Irish in 2023 provided our Irish dental laboratory with the opportunity to associate with a symbol of trust, demonstrating our authenticity and credibility to deliver numerous advantages to our customer base. Our primary objective was not solely focused on contributing to the growth of PD Ceramics Ltd; we aimed to reshape the perception of our SME in the Irish market and beyond, seeking support for our team that would, in turn, have a positive impact on the local community. The display of the Guaranteed Irish symbol signifies our commitment to upholding high standards, ensuring quality, and practicing ethical standards for the benefit of both consumers and businesses.

Local Support: The symbol represents a commitment to the local community and the Irish economy. This resonates well with us as consumers who prioritise supporting local businesses in our everyday needs as an SME. By aligning with the Guaranteed Irish initiative as a dental laboratory we are able to highlight our position as a contributor to the local economy. In the ever-evolving landscape of dental technology, attracting and retaining skilled dental technicians requires a company’s focus on team progression and well-being.

As a manufacturing facility regulated by the HPRA, we adhere to the European Communities (Medical Devices) Regulations, 1994, producing ‘custom-made’ dental devices prescribed by dentists for specific patients. Crafting these custom devices demands highly trained dental technicians with expertise in dental anatomy, function, aesthetics, prosthetics, CAD/CAM, and digital dentistry. Aligned with the Guaranteed Irish ethos, our goal is to highlight optimal outcomes for both customers and their patients, reinforcing our role as a local supplier and employer.

Supporting Our Team, Supports Our Clients

By having the right dental technician team, we want to attract and give confidence to more high-end customers who appreciate and prioritise working with a local laboratory to achieve excellence for their restorative solutions. Our aim is to build strong, solid relationships which takes time, but getting the opportunity to collaborate starts with good experiences and the Guaranteed Irish symbol also serves as a tool for consumer education. It helps educate clients about the importance of supporting local businesses and making choices that contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

We support our customers daily with simple queries to challenging cases via digital technology, one-to-one phone calls or visits onsite for complex case management. As a local dental laboratory, we also offer specialist appointments for shade analysis using Matisse® and Optishade aids in shade selection, while digital photographs support our skilled ceramists during ceramic build-up. Analysis using the PlaneSystem® integrated with our Zirkonzahn® design software, optimises functional and aesthetic rehabilitation outcomes. We are now working with the best of the best in Irish dentistry and our aim is to improve this further through our own continued education and growth in technical and ceramist skills, whilst protecting this special craftsmanship along the way.

Guaranteed Irish Business Award Finalist (2024)

We are all dental patients and seek support through our own Irish dental practices daily.

Patient support brings continued employment and job creation to thousands of dental professionals throughout Ireland yearly. This has a knock-on effect in their community. At PD Ceramics Ltd, we rely heavily on our Irish network of customers to create the same opportunities in our community by creating employment etc. As a trusted dental laboratory, we hope to strengthen that growth for everyone backing us an SME in Ireland. Being Guaranteed Irish has elevated our belief in possibilities even more.


Our ultimate aspiration with the Guaranteed Irish symbol? We envision dental patients specifically requesting a PD Ceramics Ltd crown or bridge, recognising it as a trusted element for their well-being. As dental technicians, we collaborate with your dentist to craft restorative solutions that not only elevate your aesthetic appeal but also contribute to improved functionality. Every day, we take pride in enhancing smiles with our artistic skills and restoring proper function, ensuring individuals can enjoy their smile with our meticulously crafted custom-made solutions!

Jacqueline Ffrench

Business Development Leader

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