Implant Prosthetics

Implant Prosthetics: Precision Crafted for Excellence

PD Ceramics Ltd’s dedicated prosthetic dental technicians adhere to a meticulous protocol when crafting implant prosthetic solutions, encompassing both fixed and removable appliances.

With a strong emphasis on collaboration, evolving techniques and ongoing professional development, our team excels in creating tailored cases that offer optimal support to both patients and dentists throughout Ireland and the UK.

Leveraging cutting-edge photographic and shade analysis techniques allows us to fulfil patient requirements comprehensively. For an in-depth look into our workflow protocol, connect with us today. Access to detailed workflow information is reserved for clients only.


Expert Implant Prosthetics by PD Ceramics Ltd

PD Ceramics Ltd presents a diverse selection of fixed and removable appliances, meticulously chosen to meet the distinct needs of each patient. The intricacies of prosthesis work, particularly in the realm of implant restorations, demand meticulous design and a precise fit.

Our skilled technicians collaborate closely with dentists, ensuring that each implant prosthesis achieves both functional and aesthetic durability, ensuring lasting quality within the patient’s unique situation. We provide provisional dental prosthesis to support healing periods ranging from 4 to 12 months, alongside delivering final, permanent solutions.

In cases requiring intricate precision, such as advanced substructures or bars, we collaborate with esteemed milling centres, including Atlantis®, to ensure top-notch results.

Expert Implant Ireland
Enhance Removable Prosthetics

Enhancing Smiles with Removable Prosthetics

Removable prosthetics offer a straightforward yet effective solution for various dental and aesthetic concerns, presenting patients with a customised artificial tooth option.

Crafted to be durable and comfortable, our prosthetic technicians collaborate closely with dentists to provide a functional and unique outcome tailored to each customer.

Leveraging expertise in leading restorative techniques, materials and characterisations, we strive to achieve both comfort and aesthetic excellence for the patient.

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Your Trusted Provider of Implant Prosthetics Solutions in Ireland

Are you ready to explore our advanced Implant Prosthetics solutions and workflow protocols? Connect with us to discover how our precision craftsmanship and innovative techniques can elevate your patient care to new heights.