Elevate Dental Restorations with PD Ceramics Ltd's Implant Expertise

PD Ceramics Ltd is your premier dental lab for dental implant services in Ireland. Our dedication to state-of-the-art dental implant technology and unmatched expertise sets us apart as a leader in the dental industry.

We cater for all well-known dental implant systems. We have a wealth of experience restoring implants in our exclusive Zirkonzahn® workflow, which offers a 30-year warranty on implant abutments from Zirkonzahn and other dental implant manufacturers to also restore with genuine parts from all the major implant companies from single to full arch dental restorations. We ensure that our technicians are up to date on the latest techniques and processes to manufacture high quality, precision reliable solutions that fit naturally with the patient’s existing dentition.

High-Quality Implant Restorations for Every Patient

At PD Ceramics Ltd, we proudly offer a wide array of implant systems, boasting extensive experience in restoring implants through our exclusive Zirkonzahn® workflow. With access to components for over 140 implant systems, our solutions seamlessly integrate with implant systems from various manufacturers, ensuring precision and reliability. From single to full arch restorations, we provide optimal results for all your patients.

Patient-Centric Treatment Planning

Our success stems from our close collaboration with dentists and patients in crafting effective treatment plans for each unique implant case. Prioritising aesthetic artistry, techniques and protocols, we ensure a result that aligns perfectly with your needs.

Expert Dental Technicians for Dental Implant Excellence

Our highly skilled technicians adeptly navigate both traditional and digital workflows to cater to individual complexities and preferences. Each dental prosthesis is meticulously crafted, consisting of a crown and abutment. Soft tissue management is a key consideration in implant restorations and our CAD/CAM expertise ensures optimal outcomes. For intricate cases, we collaborate with esteemed technology centres to deliver customised solutions beyond our production capabilities.

Precision in Every Detail

Designed and milled using cutting-edge CAD/CAM technology, our implant restorations guarantee a precise fit and lifelike contour. Our mastery of dental implants and digital fabrication leads to predictable, aesthetic gingival margins and a natural emergence profile. We offer an array of high-strength, aesthetic restorative options, tailored to your specific needs.


Pioneering the Prettau® Zirconia Full-Arch Bridge

We are Ireland’s leading dental laboratory manufacturers of the world-renowned Prettau® Zirconia Full-Arch Bridge, which we brought to the Irish market over 8 years ago. This innovative, high-end solution, developed in collaboration with Zirkonzahn®, combines artistry and advanced technology to deliver unparalleled implant aesthetics and functionality for patients.
Raw Implant

Screw-Retained Implant Crowns: A Functional Masterpiece

Experience the advantages of screw-retained implant crowns, seamlessly connecting to dental implants. Our CAD/CAM manufacturing process ensures a natural emergence profile and enhanced aesthetic gingival margins. This functional and aesthetic solution supports prosthetic rehabilitation without disrupting occlusion, providing predictable retention and easy removal for dental hygiene maintenance for your patient. Moreover, it stimulates natural bone growth and prevents bone loss.

Implant Bridge Restorations: A Comprehensive Solution

Our implant bridge restorations offer a cost-effective approach to replacing missing teeth, utilising fewer implants. By bridging the gap between natural teeth with artificial teeth, we restore function and aesthetics. This solution comprises of crowns that fit over existing healthy natural teeth, framing the space left by missing teeth. We focus on predictable solutions, accessible for dental hygiene maintenance also.

Patient Support

The key to our success is down to our close collaboration with the dentist and patient for treatment planning on each specific implant case to ensure a successful result. A strong focus on aesthetic artistry, techniques and protocols helps deliver a solution that meets your requirements.