Lead By Example: Green For Micro

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The objective of the ‘Green for Micro’ program is to assist SMEs like PD Ceramics Ltd in identifying cost-saving opportunities and enhancing the environmental sustainability of our business. This involves examining our business through an environmental lens. By enhancing resource efficiency and environmental performance, our business can gain a competitive advantage, with the support of our ‘Local Enterprise Office’ in Galway. The program aims to empower us to make informed decisions that not only reduce costs but also decrease our business’s carbon footprint and enhance its environmental profile in the marketplace. 

The projects under this program can involve evaluating energy, water, and waste costs, providing guidance on environmental management systems, and facilitating the integration of environmentally friendly practices into your products or overall business strategy to align with market trends. We completed our desktop analysis already before the recent site visit with ‘EcoMerits’ Christian Kubernat over the past number of weeks and had a site visit last week, which we are now going to provide final information for. Once we have this completed, we will be aiming to look at our certification process with Christian and move forward in 2024 with clear objectives and goals to work with on our green journey. As part of our ‘Guaranteed Irish’ identity, we hope that this will strengthen awareness of how we are supporting not only Irish jobs and provenance, but also a sustainable future in our manufacturing production of excellence in dental restorative solutions for our customers and their patients. 

Team PD’s Green Assessment with Christian Kubernat – 21.11.23

The “Green for Micro” initiative aims to promote sustainability and we are aiming to shine a light on this in dental laboratories, emphasising environmentally conscious practices for a more sustainable future. Implementing this initiative in the dental laboratory involves incorporating eco-friendly measures throughout various aspects of the lab’s operations. 

Why A Sustainable 2024?

1. Global Sustainability Trends

The year 2024 aligns with the global momentum toward sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Many industries are actively adopting green initiatives.

2. Regulatory Compliance

Anticipate and align with potential regulatory changes related to environmental standards in the dental industry.

3. Consumer Awareness

As environmental consciousness grows among consumers, dental laboratories can differentiate themselves by adopting sustainable practices.

4. Technological Advancements

Advances in technology, such as more efficient and eco-friendly dental equipment, may become more accessible and practical for widespread adoption from 2024.

5. Industry Leadership

Being an early adopter in the dental industry demonstrates leadership and a commitment to responsible business practices, which we are passionate about at PD Ceramics Ltd.

6. Long-Term Cost Savings

While there may be initial investment costs, the long-term savings from reduced energy consumption, waste, and increased efficiency can make the initiative economically viable.

7. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Embracing sustainability aligns with corporate social responsibility, enhancing the lab’s reputation and fostering positive relationships with clients and partners.

Steps To Sustainable Success – Infographic


By focusing on the “Green for Micro’” initiative in 2024, PD Ceramics Ltd dental laboratory can contribute to a more sustainable future, align with global trends, meet potential regulatory standards, and enhance our position as responsible industry leaders.

We hope this inspires others in the dental sector to implement and apply for ‘Green for Micro‘ in their dental laboratory or clinic. We left some steps to follow here, which made our journey easier.

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