Navigating the Dental World: A Graduates Journey

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As a marketing graduate of Southeast Technological University in Carlow, it was both intimidating and exciting to begin on the unique path in the dental profession in September 2022. However, I got an opportunity as a ‘Graduate Marketing & Business Administrator’ to gain experience with PD Ceramics Ltd, a progressive SME dental located in Loughrea, Co. Galway. 

In this weeks ‘Diary of a Dental Lab’, which coincides with ‘International Day of Education’ we’ll look at the unique experience of finding your feet as a graduate and celebrate the value of a dental laboratory as a stepping stone in your career.

Unlocking The Power of Administration

To understand the role of marketing as a graduate in the dental laboratory sector and in dentistry in general, you must know the bones of the business. That only comes with understanding of the role administration plays in the day to day functioning of the dental laboratory.  

Administrators are the company’s face and voice, coordinating workflow management with the technical team and acting as the first line of defense against internal and external difficulties. They are the primary point of contact for any company business and it is not an overstatement to argue that a “Happy Admin =  A Happy Life.”

Mastering Workflow: Directing Productivity

Administrators play a critical role in coordinating with the dental technicians and operations team on workflows in this dynamic environment. They systematically organise cases to ensure that requirements for case production are being met and delays avoided. This is vital to ensure that the needs of the dental patients are handled accurately and effectively.

Practicing Compliance: Safeguarding Confidentiality

Responsibilities include practising compliance, especially as we handle sensitive patient information. Administrators are responsible for ensuring proper documentation of client records, which is critical to the flawless production of cases..

Communication Master: Connecting The Dots For Efficiency

Administrators represent the company’s personality. They perform as an essential connection between dental technicians, the dental practice teams, dentist and patients, leading to a successful operation. Navigating and solving problems, allowing the company’s seamless operation.

Key Take Away As A Graduate Diagram

The Essentials of Administration to the role of Marketing in an SME Dental Laboratory

Administration is more than a job; it is a dynamic force that influences the flow and success of every business. 

What I have benefitted the most from is understanding as a graduate in this role that in order to market this wonderful business you must understand every facet of the problems they are solving for dental patients on a daily basis. That is also necessary for the growth of every organisation, regardless of its size, to build trust and for attracting new clients and building a strong brand presence. I was lucky to work with Jackie Ffrench, our respected Business Development Leader, who is committed to encouraging creativity within the team and organisation, whilst identifying simple ways to improve efficiency for the business. This dedication is critical to highlighting the company’s capabilities and showcasing them via marketing. Some of the projects I was involved with during my time were as follows:

Website Transformation: A Leap Into The Future

Revamping the PD Ceramics Ltd website from its 2015 origin to a cutting-edge 2020s structure was a personal highlight for me. Working with Jackie Ffrench, the team, and industry experts, gave me a lot of food for thought. We focused on modernising the site to serve as a dynamic display of our dental lab’s services, experience, and profile. This transformation not only reflected our company’s beliefs and goal, but also established the website as a critical support hub for both our clients and their patients. Collaborating with Patrick Hladun from CityWeb and Sarah Holden for SEO strategy created a framework for developing useful material, such as diary entries (blog) and case studies, that promote our lab’s developments and dedication to knowledge – sharing.

Brand Awareness and Positioning: Crafting An Identity

In discussions with Paul Dowling, Business Director, and Jackie Ffrench, we strived to define what PD Ceramics Ltd truly represents, which is a legacy of experiences, overcoming challenges, knowledge sharing and advancing dental technology. Despite our expertise and devotion to refined dental technology, the difficulty was to successfully communicate this to our audience. Acquiring recognition from industry experts, such as earning ‘Guaranteed Irish‘ accreditation and the ‘Small Firms Association‘ award, became an important strategy. Through thorough applications, we proudly demonstrated our efforts in education, technical developments, and sustainability. PD Ceramics Ltd, as an SME is constantly climbing the ladder, earning distinction for its dedication to craftsmanship and excellence. I could talk for hours about the procedure and small adjustments leading to the bigger picture, but I cannot be giving away all the secrets now can I?

Marketing Coordination: Establishing the Company Persona

Much like administration, marketing coordination is essential in protecting the company’s persona across internal and external communications. Cross – channels integration is essential to ensure the brand image is consistently used through all platforms and that other brands are following the correct procedures utilising our logo and other marketing material online. Managing and organising events, such as our annual fundraisers, requires a lot of preparation to ensure we follow procedure, arrange food or drinks, invite guests and more. 

Doing everything in a timely manner is paramount to ensuring the deadline has been met (believe me, this is one of the most difficult things to grasp, but practice makes perfect).

Practicing your marketing in an SME is essential for creating strong brand presence, translating the company’s image to the public and fostering positive relationships in the dental sector. As a graduate you gain original hands-on experience and for the company they gain a fresh set of ideas and tools to integrate into their business practice. 

Patient Support Dental Lab
Knowledge Sharing is Key


Embarking on the unique path of a marketing graduate, in the trust hands of PD Ceramics Ltd, has proven to be a rewarding one full of obstacles and possibilities. Working as a ‘Graduate Marketing & Business Administrator’ at PD Ceramics Ltd, an evolving SME dental laboratory in Loughrea, County Galway, has been a transformative experience, both personally and professionally. This journey underlines the importance of adaptability, pushing towards a vision, and collaboration, all of which are fundamental principles promoted by PD Ceramics Ltd. Small adjustments lead to big outcomes, there’s always a solution, and you’re only as strong as your team. PD Ceramics Ltd‘s success is a story of dedication, camaraderie, craftsmanship, and a commitment to excellence in the dental industry, which I am proud to have practice during my time here and will continue to be as I advance in my career.

Working in a graduate role inside a SME is a chance you should seize, as it allows you to contribute to the growth of the company while also giving hands-on experience in your industry. You get the ability to collaborate with professionals and apply different approaches within the organisation, which is exciting to watch how these adjustments affect the company’s operations/procedures. More businesses should follow in the footsteps of PD Ceramics Ltd by investing in the young and sharing their experiences in the chaotic world of business, somethings all you need in a help hand.

Thank you, Paul Dowling, Jackie Ffrench, and the rest of the team; you have all played an important role in my professional development, and the skills I have learned here will not go unnoticed; one day. You never know maybe one day I will share my own expertise with a graduate. 

Sinead Collins McEvoy & Team PD Ceramics Ltd

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