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Patient information and processes when referred to us by your dentist

PD Ceramic Ltd’s mission is to provide patients with a confident and beautiful smile through premium dental restorations only when you have been referred by your dentist to our dental laboratory in Loughrea, Co. Galway.

We prioritise patient information and transparency throughout our processes. By sharing essential insights and details, we empower you to make well-informed decisions, ensuring that each step toward your revitalised smile is met with understanding and assurance.

Attending Your Appointment

Comprehensive Laboratory Consultation

As part of our commitment to our patients, we offer a comprehensive laboratory consultation, including a shade analysis, digital photography and PlaneSystem® analysis. An accessible parking bay is clearly marked at the front of the building with a lift service to our first-floor levelled premises. If you need support, please let us know in advance.
Patient Information

Shade Analysis

During this appointment, we aim to match the shade of your crown, bridge or implant restoration. Our technicians are available to discuss tooth shape, shade and unique characteristics.

Our advanced digital photo spectrometer aids in shade selection, while digital photographs support our skilled ceramists during ceramic build-up. We advise refraining from consuming staining beverages before your visit to achieve the most accurate shade match.

PlaneSystem® Analysis

An alternative to a conventional facebow, PlaneSystem® analysis transfers upper jaw information. Integrated with our Zirkonzahn® design software, this analysis optimises functional and aesthetic rehabilitation outcomes. Please note: an additional charge applies for this service via your dentist.
PlaneSystem® Analysis


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Understanding Crown and Bridge Work:
A Step-by-Step Guide

When you require crown and bridge work, your dentist will take traditional or digital impressions of your mouth, sending them to our advanced dental laboratory in Galway. These impressions form the basis for crafting a model of your teeth, guiding the creation of your crown or bridge.
Skilled dental technicians replicate your crown or bridge using the tooth model. Crafted from materials like ceramic, zirconia or emax, your replacement is tailored to your specific case. If additional analysis, such as shade appointment analysis is required, we offer this service onsite at our dental laboratory in Galway.
The final fitting and adjustment of the crown or bridge takes place at your dental clinic. Your dentist evaluates the fit and appearance, making alterations if required. The crown or bridge may be sent back to our dental lab for adjustments, ensuring a precise fit. For complex cases we do a prototype try-in first before making the final restoration.
Once the crown or bridge is securely positioned, your dentist uses dental adhesive to bond it, ensuring a stable connection with your natural tooth or teeth.