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Shade Taking

Why visiting your dental laboratory for a shade match is so important.

Our shade taking service allows a patient to get the chance to discuss their restoration requirements such the colour, shape and size with one of our technician’s on-site. The appointment takes approximately 30 minutes and directions to our facility are as follows: Contact Us

We use the MHT SpectroShade™ Micro system which is a digital photospectrometer, that allows us to match the colour of a patients existing teeth along with the VITA™ shade taking guides and technology: VITA Classic®, VITA 3D-Master® and VITA Easyshade® . SpectroShade™ is a comprehensive optic shade communication system. It can accurately and consistently measure shades of teeth, as well as communicating a total aesthetics case plan from the dentist to the laboratory. This patented, Windows-based system allows images to be taken in any lighting or office condition. SpectroShade™ can substantially reduce chair time, while eliminating remakes due to shade or size.