Splint Therapy

Splint Therapy Solutions from PD Ceramics Ltd's Expertise

PD Ceramics Ltd offers a comprehensive splint therapy service using digital impressions in Ireland. Our open Zirkonzahn® technology and unmatched expertise offers our customers the opportunity to work seamlessly in the dental industry.

Splint therapy in dentistry involves the use of different types of splints to address specific issues related to occlusion, temporomandibular joint disorders, bruxism, and muscle tension. There are many different types of splints and choosing the right one should always be supported by a dentist. The primary objectives are pain relief, restoration of normal function, prevention of tooth wear, and minimizing further damage, ultimately improving the patient’s overall oral health and quality of life.


Mock-Up Zirkonzahn®

At PD Ceramics Ltd, we proudly offer Mock-Up in MULTISTRATUM® FLEXIBLE through our exclusive Zirkonzahn® workflow which works as a temporary restoration option that caters to both aesthetic and functional needs. Through collaborative efforts between the patient, dentist and dental technician, we achieve successful final restorations that restore both beauty and functionality

Splint Therapy Solutions

Michigan/Occlusal Splint

Michigan splints are full-coverage occlusal appliances, commonly used in cases of TMJ disorders. They cover all the teeth in one arch and are adjusted to create a balanced and stable bite. It serves as a treatment option for temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD), bruxism (teeth grinding), and related conditions. Crafted with precision and using Zirkonzahn® Therapon Transpa advanced materials and tailored design ensures a comfortable fit, allowing patients to experience relief from jaw discomfort and headaches.

Tanner/Centric Relation Splint

A Tanner Splint is a specialised dental device designed to address a range of oral health issues, including teeth grinding, jaw misalignment, and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). Crafted from high-quality materials, this custom-made splint provides precise support to stabilise the bite and relieve discomfort. Whether you’re struggling with bruxism or seeking relief from TMJ-related pain, the Tanner Splint offers a tailored solution. Experience enhanced comfort and improved oral function with our expertly designed Tanner Splint using Zirkonzahn® Therapon Transpa advanced materials, personalized to meet your specific patient needs.  

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