The Futuristic Dental Laboratory 

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With all the buzz that is currently going on about ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) we decided to think about the dental laboratory of the future and have a little fun with all the new AI tools currently available to us. In the year 2040, our dental technician stands confidently in the heart of an AI driven state-of-the-art dental laboratory. They have become an elite industry sector supporting high-end specialist dentists in prosthodontic and aesthetic restorative solutions. These specialised dental technicians have completed additional training at the AI School of Dentistry and work with advanced technologies and manufacturing in the sector has changed dramatically. Robots are a familiar part of the manufacturing teams globally. Working with specialised dental technician has changed dramatically and manufacturing is linked to onsite products and services within dental practices for each dental laboratory. So, what does the futuristic dental technician and his dental laboratory look like?  

Meet our Futuristic Dental Technician:  Alex Interdent

The Futuristic Dental Laboratory 

The room of his state-of-the-art dental laboratory hums with the soft glow of holographic displays and the faint whir of advanced technology, and the lab extends beyond the visible room and has the capability to work 24 hours a day on solar power. Most of the production processes are automated and advanced robotics aided and connected to a global network of dental technician AI experts. Problems are solved in minutes with deep learning expanded support systems attached to each manufacturing process. Alex collaborates with dental colleagues from Tokyo to New York, sharing insights, solutions, and breakthroughs in minutes versus days, weeks, or months. As an industry sector, they are also working with the profitable fields of regenerative dentistry and medicine in the areas where research is part of a connected health drive which started in 2020.

Copilot Generated Image – Alex Interdent

Appearance: Alex wears a sleek, form-fitting AI-enhanced suit. The suit is a blend of smart nanofibers, providing both deep learning and agility ability with enhanced gloves making even the most intricate hand-eye coordinated task easy. The glove adapts to his movements, enhancing precision during delicate procedures and works with augmented reality glass wear.  

Glasses: These stylish smart glasses with augmented reality capabilities offer microscopic focus and other AI enhancements. They overlay vital patient information, intraoral scan details, and fine detail of the patient treatment plans directly onto his field of vision.  

The AI-Driven Tools: Alex’s holographic workstation floats before him with its transparent screen that responds to his gestures and movements linked to his AI enhanced glasses and gloves. On the workstation, he can work with the 5D intraoral scan designs in real-time on with his elite customers through shared screen capabilities for reviewing the finished product before it is manufactured. Complex cases are managed in-lab, but most of the restorative solutions can also be 5D printed in practice once final design finishes are approved on co-shared platforms. 

Copilot Generated Image – Future Dental Technician

Customisation & AI Algorithms:  The AI algorithms analyse the data from the patient situation, highlighting areas of concern—cavities, fractures, or misalignments, occlusal issues and will predict versions of solutions that can be created through this coordinated, real-time workflow between dental technicians and dentists. A critical part of dental laboratory manufacturing has also been enhanced by advanced facial scanning software tools incorporating plane calibration ensuring that restorative solutions for complex cases are designed and manufactured to the highest precision. The technician can select any area and his AI assistant suggests a personalised treatment plan option for the patient case and manufacturing can be chosen as in-lab or in-practice effortlessly. Concerns that used to be issues for specialist dentists such as consistency, quality control, communication and time constraints have disappeared in this new era of AI assisted dental manufacturing. 

Copilot Generated Image – Customisation

Advanced Manufacturing: Additive and subtractive manufacturing co-exist in the new dental laboratory of the future. Compact 5D printer technology creates a perfect replica of the patient’s new solution using biocompatible materials. Design and functionality using 5D printing has provided five dimensions, including curved layers, essential for patient’s custom prosthesis—a flawless ceramic crown. It is ready for placement within an hour, eliminating multiple visits. The printer’s precision rivals nature itself (strawberries) but milling technology has advanced in material choices and it is still a favourite in terms of precision and accuracy with AI advancements for dental technicians.  

Advanced Research: The future dental laboratory has experienced dental technicians whose skillset have a newfound place in global research and development also. The once time demanding industry of dental technology becoming automated and full of exciting emerging technology has allowed for them to invest their time differently. From research in AI over the past number of years thriving in the digital economy, they have more choice in how they are developing as a community. The streamlining of their services to meet the need for a connected healthcare service as experts in oral health along with their dental colleagues has brought new discoveries on rehabilitation outcomes for patients globally. 

Copilot Generated Image – Future Dental Technician Researcher


The future dental technician works in a state-of-the-art lab powered by AI and robotics. AI tools like smart suits, glasses, and holographic workstations enhance their precision and efficiency. They collaborate globally with fellow colleagues and dentists and contribute to research in connected health as an additional value in the business model. The time saving advancements of AI-powered tools and robotics assist with design, manufacturing, and personalised treatment plans for complex dental restoration cases, eliminating the once challenging problems in the field of high-end prosthodontic and aesthetic dentistry.  

Advanced manufacturing techniques like 5D printing and milling create personalised solutions with unprecedented precision, whilst research and development has become an additional focus in dental technology for dental technicians. In short, the future of dental technology is collaborative, precise, and constantly innovating with the elite dental technicians and specialist prosthodontic and aesthetic dentists of the future. 

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