The Power of Local: Why Supporting A Guaranteed Irish Dental Laboratory Benefits Everyone.

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In dentistry, the pursuit of excellence goes beyond just restoring function. High-quality dental crown and bridge restorations play a crucial role in achieving optimal patient satisfaction and long-term oral health outcomes.

In 2023, PD Ceramics Ltd made the bold move to become the very first Guaranteed Irish dental laboratory member to bring the advantage of ‘All Together Better’ to our customers. By working closely with an Irish dental manufacturer like PD Ceramics Ltd, our customers are assured of our commitment to bring them Guaranteed Irish craftsmanship and high-grade materials that elevate the entire dental restoration experience, crafting beautiful, long-lasting smiles that empower confidence and enhance our patients’ lives. That is why we are partnering with discerning dentists who share our commitment to unparalleled quality, and they have provided us with the opportunity to excel over the past number of months in particular.

Elevating the Patient Experience:

  • Supporting Your Patients: As a local dental laboratory, PD Ceramics Ltd as a Guaranteed Irish is based in Ireland, employing local people, but especially skilled dental technicians. They can offer onsite support for dental patient cases that require more advanced analysis when it comes to aesthetics and functional challenges.
  • Long-lasting Confidence: By combining our advanced technology and premium materials with exceptional craftsmanship, we create Guaranteed Irish dental restorations for simple crowns or bridges, to complex high-end implant restorations. This translates to peace of mind for patients, knowing their beautiful smiles are crafted to the highest standards also. The superior quality of our materials ensures durability of our restorations, minimising the risk of chipping, cracking, or needing replacements.

The Local Advantage: Partnering with a Reputable Dental Lab

  • Artisanship and Expertise: Partnering with a local dental laboratory like PD Ceramics Ltd with a team of skilled dental technicians ensures meticulous craftsmanship and personalised attention to detail through great collaborations and stronger communication. This leads to crowns and bridges that are not only functional but also truly replicate the natural tooth aesthetics when the needs of our customers patients are truly planned to a high level of requirements. This takes time and energy on both sides, but as our relationship with our customers strengthens, this gets easier to manage.
  • Faster Turnaround Times: Local dental laboratories offer the advantage of quicker communication and shorter turnaround times once the collaborative challenges have been overcome. This allows dentists to efficiently address patient needs and minimises the time patients spend with temporary restorations when they work with us at local level.
  • Building Relationships: A strong relationship with a local dental laboratory fosters open communication and collaboration as discussed, but dentists, especially young specialist dentists can forge relationships that can stand the test of time, especially in a time of AI, where technology is great, but good old tactic knowledge in the analogue processes really counts. Meeting specific patient needs and preferences, ensuring the final restorations perfectly match their vision is easier to achieve when relationships work on this level. However, the patient is also the critical part of any discussions and the advantages of having a local dental laboratory to refer patients to for tailored shade or functional analysis is essential.

  • Irish Expertise: Our team of highly skilled technicians are all based right here in Ireland. They take immense pride in their artistry, meticulously handcrafting each dental restoration to the highest standards. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a perfect fit and a natural, seamless look with the right collaboration and communication for each case. Continuous further education has also accelerated the laboratories growth and we invest yearly on training and development for each of our team members. This investment has seen the laboratory and the team grow with confidence to support our wide customer base in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

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Finishing Steps with a Ceramist


By choosing PD Ceramics Ltd you are not just selecting a dental lab; you are choosing a partner dedicated to exceeding expectations and looking to support you on your patient cases at local level. Together, we can create beautiful, long-lasting smiles that enhance patient satisfaction and elevate the standard of dental solutions in Ireland.

The Guaranteed Irish symbol, a mark of excellence signifies our commitment to the highest quality standards and ethical practices. By choosing PD Ceramics Ltd as a Guaranteed Irish dental laboratory, you are not only supporting local artisans but also ensuring the finest materials and meticulous craftsmanship are used in your patients’ restorations. In a world of sustainable focus also, your patients can feel confident that we offer the best local support to both you as our customers and the environment.

Together, let’s create exceptional smiles that are truly a mark of Irish excellence.

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